SHCN Annual General Meeting


                                    11th February 2012



1)    Apologies


2)    Minutes of AGM held on 22/1/11 (circulated)


3)    Matters arising from above minute


4)    Vice-Chairman’s report


5)    Secretary’s report


6)    Treasurer’s report


7)    Auditor’s report


8)    Election of office bearers


(a)  Chairperson

(b)  Vice Chairperson

(c)   Secretary

(d)  Media representative

(e)   Appointment of auditors


9)    Minutes of meeting 12th November 2011  (previously circulated)


10)Matters arising from this minute


10)                       Report on meeting with Cabinet Secretary for Health on 20th December 2011 (previously circulated)


11)                       Response, if any, from Cabinet Secretary.


12)                       Reports from Groups


13)                       AOCB


14)                       Date and venue of next meeting


Meeting will be held in Milngavie CE Centre at 1.30 pm. Buffet lunch from 1 pm. Contribution of £2.50 per head suggested.