George Venters (Vice-Chairman)

Malcolm Allan (Secretary, media contact)

Lambert Sinclair (Treasurer)

Alastair Glen

Ken Barr

James Sandeman

Julie McAnulty

Matthew Dunnigan


Robert Cumming (Chairman), John Winton, Ruth Winton, Isobel Vernolini, Yvonne McRoberts, Patrick Trust, Jean Turner, Margaret Watt, Margaret Hinds

Minutes of SGM held on 22/1/11.

These had been circulated in advance and acceptance was proposed by James Sandeman and seconded by K Barr.

Matters arising from above.

There were none, which would not be dealt with elsewhere.

 Vice-chairman’s report

The V C thanked the Secretary for making arrangements for the meeting and for keeping members advised following the indisposition of the Chairman.

He welcomed three guests of J McAnulty who were attending on behalf of the ‘Kids need our ward’ campaign group.

These were: Jimmy Kerr, Karyn Meikle and Sandra Webster.

Secretary’s report.

Four meetings had taken place in 2011 with an attendance ranging from 17 to 10. Average was 13.

Report on meeting with Cabinet Secretary for Health took place on 20th Dec. at Holyrood and a report had been circulated.

Reported on contributions to media.

Reported on the discussions which had taken place between representatives of the Stobhill group and those from Beatson Hospital. Unanimous support from East Dunbartonshire Council but MSP from Strathkelvin and Bearsden unable to give her support.

Following the report on the topic of the possible re-introduction of chemo-therapy at the ACAH at Stobhill Hospital G Venters and M Dunnigan agreed to liase about the accuracy of figures of patients presenting for chemo at Gartnavel Hospital from the catchment area to the north and east of Glasgow.

Treasurer’s report.

The Treasurer reported a balance at 31/12/2011 of £871.20

He anticipated no major outgoings in the year 2012-13 and recommended that group subscriptions remain at £25 per group.

Acceptance of the report and the recommendation was proposed by K Barr and seconded by J Sandeman.

The VC thanked the Treasurer, on behalf of members for his continuing diligence and the management of the accounts.

Auditors’ report

James Sandeman and K Barr echoed the remarks by the VC.

Election of Office Bearers

A Glen proposed that the existing Office Bearers be re-elected en bloc and this was seconded by K Barr with the proviso that the auditors be J Sandeman and K Barr.

Minutes of meeting held on 12th Nov. 2011

Acceptance proposed by L Sinclair and seconded by J Sandeman

Report on meeting with Cabinet Secretary, N Sturgeon on 20th Dec. 2011

See attached.

 Matters arising from this meeting.

No follow up had been received from her office despite a request for same by the Secretary sent in the form of an e-mail on 27th Jan. 2012.

A Glen offered to speak to NS as his constituency MSP at her local office and the Secretary agreed to forward copy of the above e-mail to A G.  (This has been done, MA)

G Venters and M Dunnigan expressed concern about the accuracy of some figures being recorded by NHSGGC ( see statistics re chemo at Gartnaval). Concern also expressed by G Venters about apparent reduction of personal response by NS to input by members of SHCN. Replies seem to be more from civil service staff.

J Sandeman commented on paucity of figures relating to the use of the new health centre at Barrhead I.E activity levels. Built at cost of £17m

Reports from groups.

Local Health Concern (Fife)

The changeover of acute services from QMH and the existing Victoria to the new Victoria took place over DEC/Jan. Maternity services shifted from Forth park Kirkcaldy to the new Victoria wing. Went smoothly despite some Victoria wards being affected by norovirus.

Some construction problems noted in the PFI Consort run new build. These await resolution. Severe parking problems at new hospital.

NHS Fife struggling to meet budget for current financial year.

Attempt to close Hospice wards a QMH stopped for present. Poorly handled by NHS Fife in attempt to save money.

Day services coming to QMH starting to bed in but may be impeded by lack of capital.

Noted that no group reports included in website.

J McAnulty commented on reduction of staff at Monklands Hospital noting, as an example, that one ward had seen a reduction of cleaners from eight to two. Commented too on claimed poor response to advertisements to fill staff vacancies.


M Dunnigan referred to the principle of co-operation rather than competition between hospitals in Scotland compared to England where waiting times /lists are rising (2010/2011). Scotland is meeting targets for waiting times for appointments. He had spoken recently at a meeting of the Southern Medical Society where it had been noted that in Hertfordshire patients requiring ‘minor’ procedures would not be referred due to cuts in funding. Referral management boards will block some recommendations made by GPs to consultants whereas, in Scotland GPs can refer patients direct to consultants. It had been brought to his attention that there are now no longer any in patient beds allocated specifically for ophthalmology in the south side of Glasgow.

Jimmy Kerr (see guests) stated that NHSGGC had conducted a review of paediatric services at the Royal Alexandra Hospital, Paisley (RAH) and one of the options is to move the children’s ward to Yorkhill Sick Children’s Hospital, Glasgow.

The European Working Times Directive was being used as a basis for such a move.

G Venters observed that such a move would have an impact on maternity and neo natal services—‘death by a thousand cuts’

He recommended that their campaign group obtain statistics about attendances. Various suggestions were made to generate effective publicity with emphasis on the importance of parents and relatives to be able to visit sick children in hospital.

A Glen advised on identify the opposing arguments in order to counter them.

The hospital serves a community of 200,000 people. It is the function of the health service to provide a safe and continuous service to patients.

M Dunnigan spoke of the system of triage where appropriate patients would be transferred to Yorkhill when it was deemed necessary.

J Kerr indicated that he would recommend that their group affiliate to the SHCN.

Finally under AOCB, J McAnulty reported that it had been drawn to her attention that group reports were not included on the website. Only one group had submitted a report for this meeting. It was agreed that the topic would be placed on the agenda for the next meeting.

 Date and venue of next meeting.

To be advised


The meeting closed at 3.45 pm


Malcolm Allan

Secretary, SHCN

14 February 2012