SHCN AGM 27 February 2010



1) Apologies

John Winton

George Venters

Geoff Mawdsley

Jackie Pollock

Evelyn McKechnie

Jean Turner



Robert Cumming (chair)

Malcolm Allan

Louise Laing

Patrick Trust

Ken Barr

Eileen Gorie

Janette Butler

Mary Hamilton

James Sandeman

Margaret Hinds

Alistair Glen

Lambert Sinclair

Tom Herbert

Evelyn Hide

Julie McAnulty

Margaret Watt

Kris Keane

Matthew Dunnigan


The chairman welcomed and introduced, Tom Herbert of the Save Stobhill Campaign Committee, Mary Hamilton and Janette Butler from HSFSE .

He also welcomed back Matthew Dunnigan after a prolonged absence.


2) Geoffrey Mawdsley, Director of Reform Scotland, had been unable to attend due to adverse weather conditions.


3) Minutes of AGM held on 14 Feb.2009 were proposed for acceptance by MW and seconded by KB.


4) Matters arising.

Vale of Leven Hospital.

EG questioned whether money would be available in regard to the Christie ward after 2011. She reported that she had been present at a  meeting of the Monitoring group which had been poorly attended by the public

PT spoke of the poor morale among staff at the V.of  L.

The minor injuries unit will be staffed 24 hours through co-operation by GPs

who have not opted out of providing ‘out of hours’  service.

A scoring system has been devised to identify patients who could be treated at the Vale rather than being transferred. to Paisley.This may account for around 80-85% of those presenting being suitable for admission to the V. of L.

PT suggested that this scoring system may be included among the topics to be discussed with NS at the next meeting with her.


5) Chairman’s Report.

This had been circulated previously

Comments on Chairman’s report:-

Monitoring groups north and south of Glasgow.

RC stated that the Area Medical Forum was not considered by the Medical Staff Association (MSA) to be an acceptable alternative to the now disbanded monitoring groups. RC will meet with Robert Milroy of the MSA at Stobhill to discuss a possible alternative.

PT commented on the potential feeling of intimidation by those who were perceived as clashing with Health Boards.

RC drew the attention of delegates to the “Scottish Review” which may be viewed on line.


6) Treasurer’s report.

LS circulated details which showed total expenses 2009/2010 as £132.74 against income of £310.63. The balance as cash in RBS detailed as £1077.

Acceptance proposed by MA and seconded by MW.

Treasurer proposed that an honorarium of £100 be paid to the chairman. Seconded by MW. Carried unanimously..

Treasurer proposed that the secretary be added as a signatory for payment of expenses and this was agreed.

Affiliation fees.

PT proposed that this be set at £25 per group. Seconded by MW. Agreed unanimously.

Individuals to contribute as before.

KB indicated that Cowal Against the Cuts (CATCHES) is in effect “moth balled” and is represented by himself and EH.

It was agreed that it should continue to be represented in its present form.

LS was thanked for the efficient way in which he has continued to act in his capacity as treasurer.


7) Auditors’ Report

KB and MA (in the absence of JW) signed off the accounts and endorsed the comments about the way in which the treasurer has dealt with the financial affairs of the organisation and in the presentation of the accounts,


8) Media Report

MA reported that the media had been more focused on the economy of the country as opposed to health related topics during the past year.

The Network had responded in print to the report by the Nuffield Trust on the cost effectiveness of the provision of health care in Scotland compared to England.

In this respect MD stated that death rates in Scotland still compared unfavourably with those in most European countries.

J McA commented that there was no mention of patient outcomes in the report.

It was agreed that the question of drawing comparisons between England and Scotland was a complex one.

MA confirmed that good inter change of information between members of the NHS Consultants Association north and south of the border continued.

A letter from that organisation had been signed by the chairman of SHCN responding to allegations about the treatment available under the NHS in the UK. These criticisms had been made by those opposed to the reforms of health care in the USA as outlined by President Obama.

The issue of privatisation within the NHS had also been responded to by the Network.

MA welcomed the return of the health correspondent of the Herald, Helen Puttick, following maternity leave.


9) Election of Office Bearers.

RC indicated that he was prepared to continue in the chair for a further year if it was the wish of delegates.

RC reported that, due to business commitments, the secretary, E McK, wished to relinquish

the position, but would be willing to maintain the website. This offer was accepted, and she was thanked for her past contributions to the work of the Network.

MW proposed that MA be appointed as secretary and this was seconded by MH

MW proposed that the office bearers be re-appointed en bloc and this was seconded by MH.


10) Minutes of meeting of 3 Oct. 2009

These had been circulated in advance.

Acceptance proposed by MW and seconded by KB.


11) Responses to last meeting with Nicola Sturgeon

These had been circulated by  the chair.

J McA spoke about on- going concerns about provision of mental health care in North Lanarkshire.Also mentioned the “mothballing” of 16 surgical beds in Monklands Hospital to save money.

MW will contact Human Rights Commission re mental health when JT returns from holiday.

KB spoke about confidentiality issues in relation to the signing of consent forms by patients.

AG stated that patients should have ownership of health information. Basis should be on an ’opt in principal’. No sharing of information with police etc. without consent of patient.

MW questioned the accuracy of records held by some GPs, particularly in instances where there had been some dispute between patient and GP.

She also questioned whether the Human Rights Commission could determine if patients can opt out.

It was agreed that AG would liaise with MA about contributing a letter on behalf of the SHCN about the issue of patient confidentiality.

(Note: AG subsequently had a leading letter published in the Herald of 2nd  March on this

this subject )


12) Topics for next meeting with Health Secretary.


Possible topics may include:

PT.  Vale of Leven Hospital.

J McA.  Mental Health in N. Lanarkshire.

RC Monitoring groups.

In general, it was agreed to hold over discussion on topics until RC had established a date for next meeting with NS. A meeting of delegates would then be held to deal with possible topics prior to any meeting with NS.

*See note at end of report


13) Reports from groups.


RC and TH both spoke on chemotherapy at the Beatson.

TH referred to queues at the Beatson.

Chemotherapy is available to out-patients at the Victoria ACH, at the Vale of Leven, and at Inverclyde but not at the Stobhill ACH.

RC, TH and MW will meet with Jonathan Best, Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board.

TH had contacted producer at Radio Scotland regarding a programme, Call Kaye Adams which goes out between 8.45 am and 10 am on week days. He will pencil in the topic of out patient chemotherapy for possible use within the next few weeks, but only after the above meeting has taken place.


RC reported that the currently provided laboratory services at Stobhill will cease when in-patients transfer to Glasgow Royal Infirmary leaving only a “hot” lab in the ACH. More concerning is the imminent transfer of GP biochemistry and hematology samples to the Royal Infirmary resulting in a yet another downgrading of Stobhill service provision to the community.


JS referred to transfers by ambulance from the ACAH Victoria to the Victoria Infirmary and to the Western General Hospital and the times involved. A response from Jane Grant of GG and C HB was quoted.


14) Voluntary Car Ambulance Service.

JW had reported no problems in Fife.

LL stated that there was no advertising or publicity for volunteers. Is there a cut-off age for drivers?

Another possible item to be raised with NS?

KB raised the issue of the potential response to emergencies for residents on Easdale Island.


15) St Margaret’s of Scotland Hospice.

NS has stated that she will meet with MW to discuss the loss of 30 beds.


16) Remote and Rural Out of Hours Service

RC and Scotland Patients’ Association have responded to the petition organised by some residents in Rannoch. Noted that GPs in Pitlochry and Aberfeldy will respond to OOH calls.


17) AOCB.

RC stated that a representative from the Freedom of Information Commission has indicated a willingness to  speak at a future meeting of the SHCN.


LS, on behalf of the delegates expressed sincere thanks to Anne and Robert Cumming for the excellent catering which they have provided efficiently and unobtrusively at all meetings

meetings in Milngavie.

A bouquet was presented to Anne in respect of this.


A vote of thanks was expressed to the chair for his conduct of the meeting.


18) Date and Venue of next meeting.

This was to be agreed when a date of the meeting with NS had been established.


NB Subsequent to the AGM, RC has agreed that delegates will meet with NS on Wednesday 14 April at Atlantic Quay in Glasgow. The meeting will be from 10 -11 am.


Prior to the above meeting, delegates will meet at the Community Centre, Milngavie on Saturday 20 March at 1 pm for 1.30 pm to agree topics for discussion with NS.




Malcolm Allan

2 March 2010