Robert Cumming (Chair)

George Venters  (Vice chair)

Malcolm Allan (Secretary)

Ken Barr

Julie McAnulty

Jean Turner

Margaret Watt

Cathy Leech

Patrick Trust

Eileen Gorie

David Smith

James Sandeman

Matthew Dunnigan



Lambert Sinclair (Treasurer)

Margaret Hinds

Alastair Glen

John Winton

Ruth Winton

Isobel Vernolini

Yvonne McRoberts


 Minutes of meeting of 17th September 2011

Acceptance proposed by M Watt, seconded by P Trust


Matters arising.

Appointments at Monklands Hospital are under review.

P Trust provided a leaflet about the Liverpool Care Plan


Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer had produced a balance report


Donation    =  £20

Fees            =  £75

Interest       =  £00.08

Total Income   =  £95. 08


Website annual charge = £29.99

Balance at previous meeting =£791.02

Plus income                            =£95.08

Less expenses of £29.99

Balance at 1st Nov. 2011 = £856.11

Note: A donation of £15 was received from the Chair and this produced a balance to date of £871.11

The treasurer was thanked for his continued input.

Acceptance of report proposed by M Watt and seconded by K Barr.

Topics for meeting with Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing scheduled for 20th December 2011.

These had been circulated in advance and will be briefly summarised.

K Barr:

Breaches of Data Protection Act. Possibility of patients having control of records with access by form of swipe card.

J McAnulty:

Implications for Scotland of the Health and Social Care Bill. Access of patients’ records within EEC.

P Trust:

Proposal to provide evidence for Patient Management at local level where appropriate.

G Venters:

Multiple questions relating to e Health Strategy

Scotland Patients Association: J Turner/M Watt:

Evaluation of quality of continued care of patients in community, possible conflict of laws in England and Scotland re aspects of

“whistle blowing”, “bullying” in Care Homes.

R Cumming:

Use of private contractors to provide home dialysis, VAT implications.

Accuracy of cancer figures in north and south Glasgow.

Auditing of HEAT targets and hand hygiene, smoking within grounds of hospitals.

Review of PFI contracts

Local Health Concern (West Fife)

Aspects of care provided jointly by NHS and Social Work in context of discharges of patients from hospital.

Considerable discussion took place relating to the above questions.

Included within these were:

P Trust: Emphasis on training of GPs to support local hospitals without intensive care facilities. Evidence to evaluate safety of system.

G Venters: Training programme should develop integration of primary and secondary care. What criteria does NHSGGC use for transfer of patients from local hospitals to more specialised centres?

M Dunnigan: Information about outcomes e.g. mortality rates can be obtained from Quality Control Scotland rather than from Boards.

D Smith: Where will funding come from for research and at what cost?

G Venters: Criticised lack of clarity in consultation documents e.g. e Health Strategy.

C Leech: Staff within NHS and Care Homes can have support of union representatives in regard to “ whistle blowing”. G Venters indicated that this could not always be relied upon.

M Watt: Reported increase in incidence of TB among immigrants and will provide information to R Cumming. May raise question with N Sturgeon about how this could be controlled e.g. by improved screening.

Reports from members

C Leech spoke on the level of cutbacks of front- line staff.

E Gorie: Some lay members of the monitoring group (Vision for the Vale) had resigned over the issue of the Christie ward at the vale of Leven Hospital. She voiced the opinion that the monitoring group should not include members of the health board. A meeting had taken place with N Sturgeon but she concluded that a positive outcome for the re-instatement of that ward was unlikely.

Health and Social Care Bill/National Health Service Consultants Association AGM at York.

R Cumming regretted that Angus Robertson MP, Leader of the SNP at Westminster, had failed to recognise the implications of the Bill for Scotland and had abstained from voting against it.

J McAnulty noted that under EEC legislation, anyone from within the EEC may receive NHS treatment and that this would include patients from England.

R Cumming and M Dunnigan had attended the above AGM in York. The Scottish contribution included a presentation from John Conaghan of theScottish Government Health Department on the evolution of the Scottish NHS.(Content previously circulated to members). M Dunnigan presented his comparative data on the comparative performances of the English and Scottish NHS.


Reports from Groups.

No reports had been submitted


R Cumming will extend an invitation to Susan Brimelow, Head of the Healthcare Environment Inspectorate which is responsible for planned and unannounced inspections throughout the NHS in Scotland, to speak at the next meeting of the SHCN.

R Cumming was thanked for producing copies of all the questions for the next meeting with N Sturgeon and for not only chairing the meeting efficiently but for providing the buffet in the absence of Anne who had been unable to attend.

Date and Time of Next Meeting.

Those delegates who will attend the meeting with N Sturgeon are reminded that this will take place on:-

20th December 2011 at 1 pm at St Andrews House. Edinburgh.

A meeting will take place at an agreed time and venue to report on the outcome of that meeting.

The meeting closed at 4 pm.


Malcolm Allan

Secretary, SHCN

20 November 2011