Minutes of SHCN Meeting 8th December 2012



George Venters(Acting chair)

Malcolm Allan (Secretary)

Lambert Sinclair (Treasurer)

Margaret Hinds

James Sandeman

Julie McAnulty

Matthew Dunnigan

Ken Barr

Rod MacDonald

David Williams

John McCann

Martin Allan

Stuart McLean

Catherine Hughes

Anne Hughes



Patrick Trust

Eileen Gorie

Tom Herbert

Alastair Glen


Opening remarks by Chair:

George Venters welcomed Community Councillors from Jordanhill, Paisley, Drumchapel and Wyndford, Rod MacDonald from Voices Scotland and Anne and Catherine Hughes, all of whom were attending for the first time.


Note of minutes from 6th October 2012:

It was accepted that these were an accurate recording of that meeting.


Matters arising:

Re the issue of the lack of chemotherapy at Stobhill Hospital. In the absence of Tom Herbert, the Secretary had raised this at the annual review of NHSGGC. This had taken place in Glasgow on 26th November. The chief executive of the Board Mr Robert Calderwood, had stated that the Board had agreed in 2003 that when the new ACAH was completed at the Victoria Hospital this service would be provided at the Beatson in the north of Glasgow and at the ACAH , Victoria in the south. He added that no economic case existed to provide this from Stobhill.

George Venters has written Dr Linda de Caestecker, Director of Public Health, NHSGGC and Alex Neil MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing outlining the case for providing the service at Stobhill as at the Victoria.


Future of the Network and Additional Membership:

G V expressed the opinion that the representatives from the Community Councils present would provide a valuable contribution to Network by drawing to its attention to issues in their respective communities.

It was explained that the organisation is funded by subscriptions from groups and individuals and that a generous donation had been received from the NHSConsultants Association in the early days of the SHCN.


Contact with the Scottish Chest Heart and Stroke Association:

Unfortunately David Clark is still recovering from a road accident and was unable to attend. GV will keep in touch. R McD invited to any meeting which might be arranged with David Clark.

MH noted that information about the signs and symptoms of a stroke or heart attack were not on display in the waiting areas of the Victoria and a letter has been sent to Robert Calderwood emphasing the importance of this information being more readily available.

GV spoke of the need for feedback from patients and relatives about the immediate and on-going care of patients who had experienced either of these major incidents.

KB noted the difference in response time between urban and rural areas.

MH spoke of the need to ensure that patients with Parkinson’s disease, in particular, receive their medication at the correct time.

MD noted the significant reduction of strokes in recent years.

R McD added that acute care was often very good but that chronic care was sometimes not of the same standard. Health care providers should receive more feedback from patients in the hope that this would lead to improvements where they were required.

KB- More information to allow patients to self manage and for carers to be party to this where appropriate.

J McA –High levels of obesity in N Lanarkshire at lower end of health league. High levels, too, of mental illness.

GV – Poor health related to poverty though genetics also a factor.

J McC queried if there are targets for chronic care as with acute care.

GV noted that this could be a major issue at any meeting with Alex Neil i.e. is chronic care neglected at expense of targets being set for acute care.


Chemotherapy at Stobhill:

See earlier notes.

KB reported that some patients from Dunoon attend Beatson and some, Inverclyde. As with the situation with patients from the potential catchment area to the north of the Clyde, the over-centralisation of care has a major impact on patients (GV).

MD-Scottish Health Council established in 2005 by Scottish government. Is it effective?

JMcC – Several local offices have closed.


Mental Health:

J McA- Capacity at Monklands reduced by 25%. More ‘Care in the community?’ Importance of effective integration of Health and Social Care.


Out of Hours Care:

KB working on this.


Integration of Health and Social Care:

MD spoke of the “good news” as far as comparisons are concerned between Scotland and England. Attendances at A&E departments significantly lower in Scotland than in England. Bed occupancy rates in England of the order of 90% (recommended upper level of 85%). NHS24 retained in public sector in Scotland.


Website update:

J McA has the site up to date.


Any other business:

CH spoke about the situation at the Centre for Integrative Care (formerly known as the Homeopathic Hospital).

In-patient bed numbers reduced to seven. Pharmacy has been closed. Patients experiencing problems in obtaining NHS prescriptions issued by GPs on recommendation by physicians at the Centre. Some GPs reluctant to refer patients to the Centre. BMA has concluded that there is no evidence that homeopathy is effective beyond the placebo effect and that it does not represent appropriate use of NHS resources. NHS Highland has ceased referring patients to the Centre. NHSLanarkshire and Lothian reviewing policy.

Major concern about continued viability of the Centre should Lothian and Lanarkshire withdraw financial support leaving NHSGGC to carry disproportionate share of costs.

Emphasised that the Centre provides other forms of treatment/care in addition to homeopathy as reflected in the change of name.

Following this the Secretary has written NHSLothian and Lanarkshire on behalf of the SHCN urging them to continue to support the Centre. He has also corresponded with Dr Bob Leckenridge of the Centre who has expanded on the information provided by Catherine Hughes. Dr Leckenridge has accepted an invitation to attend the next meeting of the Network. Copies to GV.


The Treasurer advised that the balance at RBS stands at £845.88.


It was agreed that the Chairman of NHSGGC, Mr Andrew Robertson OBE be invited to attend the next meeting.


Date of Next Meeting, which will also be the AGM:


Saturday 23rd February 2013 at the CE Centre Milngavie 1 pm for 1.30 pm.


The meeting closed at 4.15 pm with a Vote of Thanks to the Chair and those who had attended for the first time were also thanked for having done so.


Malcolm Allan



15th December 2012