Minutes of Scottish Health Campaigns Network Meeting 9/4/2011
Milngavie Community Centre.

Robert Cumming (Chair)
Malcolm Allan (Secretary)
Lambert Sinclair (Treasurer)
James Sandeman
Jean Turner
Margaret Watt
Julie McAnulty
Ken Barr
David Smith
Matthew Dunnigan

George Venters, Margaret Hinds, Alastair Glen, John and Ruth Winton, Isobel Vernolini, Cathy Leech.

2) Minutes of meeting of 22 Jan. 2011
Acceptance proposed by M Watt and seconded by L Sinclair.

3) Matters arising from above.
M Watt proposed that the constitution be changed to read that the SHCN meet not less than four times annually (as opposed to six times).
Seconded by K Barr. Agreed without dissent.

4) Treasurer’s report:
L Sinclair reported an income of £115.11 and outgoings of £108 since the last meeting, giving a balance at 9 April 2011 of £1156.91.
Potential outgoings—website £350 and hall let £8.
Acceptance proposed by K Barr and seconded by M Watt..

5)Secretary and Media report:
M Allan reported on the meeting with the representative of the STUC on 17 March 2011. This information had been circulated to members prior to the meeting.
R Cumming and J McAnulty had contributed to health related issues in the national Press.
M Watt, J Turner,R Cumming and M Allan had also spoken on radio on health topics.

6) Follow up to Cabinet Secretary’s letter March 2011:
The replies had been previously circulated and were individually dealt with. The consensus was that several of the topics would require to be revisited. This will depend on the outcome of the forthcoming Scottish parliamentary election in May.

7) SHCN website:
J McAnulty is gathering previous files and hopes to make progress within the next month..
Members’ e mail addresses to be included as contacts but not telephone numbers.
Questions to, and answers from, Cabinet Secretary to be included. Contributions by members via Chair and Secretary.

8) BMA Scotland-hustings:
R Cumming and G Venters had attended hustings on 23 March 2011 and commented on the poor response by some MSPs on the subject of the minimum pricing of alcohol.
The possible effect on the Scottish NHS of the Health and Social Services Bill in England was also among the topics discussed.

9) Meeting with STUC Assistant Secretary.
See Secretary and Media report.

10) Health and Social Service Bill.
R Cumming stated that the BMA seemed to be coming more out against the proposals contained in the Bill as proposed. He referred members to the 36 page article by Lord David Owen in which he notes that the EEC competition law is “complex and unpredictable”. He states that it is important to produce an amendment to ensure that NHS commissioning will be exempt from EEC competition laws.
“Health is not a market commodity.”
D Owen further noted that he considered that there would be a potential threat of disintegration of care in the community.
M Dunnigan regretted that the BMA in Scotland was not carrying out research to show how the NHS in Scotland was performing. His own research had been welcomed, and made use of, by the Cabinet Secretary. It had also been sent to the National Health Service Consultant’s Association executive as evidence that the market did not necessarily mean better efficiency in the provision of healthcare.
He expressed the opinion that the BMA might be unwilling to be seen to express political views.
Members were referred to Professor Allyson Pollock’s website—wwwallysonpollock.co.uk
A P is now located in Bart’s Hospital in London.
M Watt suggested that members write their representatives in the House of Lords but D Smith recommended that members wait until we see the amendments from Westminster before doing so.
J McAnulty suggested contacting SNP MPs to vote against the Bill even though it is customary for them to abstain in matters relating to the NHS in England. There are potential implications for the NHS in Scotland should the Bill be implemented.

11) Reports from groups:
Local Health Concern had submitted a report in advance relating to delayed discharges in Fife due to the Fife council cutting funding for care packages. LHC indicated that additional funding has been put in place and the situation is now coming under control though some operations had been cancelled and the four hour waiting time at A&E had been breached.
Acute A&E services had been transferred to Dunfermline. In Jan. 2012 these services will transfer to Kirkcaldy and Dunfermline will become a 24/7 Minor Injury Unit.
NHS Fife begins PFI payback for the new Victoria later this year. Inflation is increasing the figure involved.

R Cumming reported the closure of Casualty at Stobhill Hospital in March 2011.In- patients have been transferred to Glasgow Royal Infirmary. The lack of single rooms in refurbished wards at GRI remains an issue.
R Cumming has spoken at 30 clubs and organisations about the history of Stobhill and he and M Dunnigan were involved in ceremonies at the closure of the hospital.
Discussions on out- patient chemotherapy are being delayed and domestic chemotherapy is a possible option. Out- patient chemotherapy is still taking place at Victoria. D Smith offered to establish if this is being provided in the original building or in the ACH.
R Cumming questioned if home dialysis support was being provided by a private contractor.

12) AOCB:
J Turner had visited Glasgow University where there is a threat of discontinuation of the degree course in nursing. She spoke of the high quality of the course and its scientific basis.
Several members commented on the lack of manpower planning in the NHS resulting in a ‘hunger or burst’ provision of medical and nursing graduates.
R Cumming referred to a report on Channel 4 News on training in the NHS.
He also drew attention to the website of Reform Scotland—Geoff Mawdsley and the ‘Delivering Healthcare’ paper.
M Watt suggested that the SHCN submit proposals on the delivery of healthcare to G Mawdsley rather than being the recipients of this information.

13) Date and venue of next meeting:
To be decided.

The meeting closed at 3.50 pm with a Vote of Thanks to the chair.

Malcolm Allan
Secretary, SHCN
18 April 2011