Scottish Health Campaigns Network


Minutes of Meeting Held Saturday 4th April 2009

Held at Milngavie Community Education Centre



1. Apologies


Ken Barr

Margaret Hinds

Patrick Trust


2. Attendance


Malcolm Allan, Save Stobhill

Evelyn McKechnie, Save Stobhill

Yvonne McRoberts, (Dunfermline) Local Health Concern

Isobel Vernolini, (Dunfermline) Local Health Concern

John Winton, (Dunfermline) Local Health Concern

Jean Turner, Scotland Patients Association

Alistair Glen, Health Service Forum South East (Glasgow)

Eileen Gorie, Hospital Watch (Vale of Leven)

James Sandeman, Health Service Forum South East

Lambert Sinclair, Save Stobhill

Robert Cumming, Save Stobhill

Margaret Watt, Scotland Patients Association

George Venters, Medical Advisor

Julie McAnulty, Lanarkshire Health Concern


3. Minutes of last meeting 14 February 2009.

Their acceptance was proposed by Margaret Watt and seconded by John Winton.


4. Matters arising from above minutes


Geoff Mawdsley could not attend today but is still keen to attend a future meeting.


No correspondence received from MEPS.

Further contact to made.


St Margaret’s Hospice contract with Greater Glasgow and Clyde Board is not being renewed after 2012.


The IT system proposed for the new ACH’s in Glasgow is incompatible with that of GP’s.  G-PASS- further clarification re its status to be sought from Nicola Sturgeon – conflicting reports as to its future.


Margo MacDonald’s end of life bill. Over 400 responses received. Malcolm Allan has written to her. Also Margaret Watt and Julie McAnulty re what health professionals other than doctors are involved re making decisions.


Jean Turner – The ACH opening was imminent at Stobhill and theVictoria. Discussion followed re minor injuries unit and referrals from the ACADS to acute hospitals.


5. Treasurer’s report


Balance at AGM   £900.05

Income – Save Stobhill affiliation fee £50

Total Income – £50.00

Expenses – Hall lets to date – £67.30

Total Expenses – £67.30

Balance at bank £882.75

Affiliation fees received at meeting from SPA and Local Health Concern of £50 each.


6. Topics for meeting with Nicola Sturgeon, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing, on 6th May 2009

The topics to be submitted from the attendees were agreed. Full details of questions and answers given will be minuted at next meeting.


7. Reports from groups.


The Group reports received are available under each group’s own webpage on the SHCN website.


8. Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh- symposium on future of NHS 22nd June 2009

George Venters was proposed to attend on behalf of SHCN as Robert Cumming’s proxy.




This week’s Parliamentary information bulletin indicated that a Scrutiny panel had been appointed to examine proposals from the Dumfries and Galloway Health Board for the future of the health service in that area,before these were opened to public consultation. The Network is pleased to note this change of policy.

The dangers of entrepreneurial private screening programmes were drawn to members attention.

John Winton – indicated that the public are being asked to monitor other members of the public re hand hygiene in hospitals


Robert Cumming – going to York to attend meeting of the National Health Service Consultants Association on 25th April .He has been asked to participate in a debate.


10. Date, time and venue of next meeting


The next meeting will be held on Saturday 25th April 2009 at 1pm for 1.30 at Milngavie Community Education Centre.


11. Meeting ended approx 3.20pm Malcolm Allan proposed vote of thanks to the chair.


Addendum: – Subsequent to the writing of this minute the date of the next meeting has had to be altered to Saturday 30th of May at 1 PM from 1:30 PM. Apologies for any inconvenience caused by the change.