Meeting 1.30 pm*, Saturday 15th June 2013

Milngavie Community Education Centre




1. Apologies


2. Minutes of meeting on 20th April 2013:

A) Approval as record

B) Actions listed

C) Other matters arising


3. Reports:

A) Treasurer’s update

B) Groups


4. Meeting with Cabinet Secretary:

A) Timing

B) Prioritise issues:

· A&E/MIU/GEMS                                    PT

· O/P Chemo at Stobhill                                       TH

· GPs OOH service                                     KB

· Stroke etc                                                 MH

· Integration of Health & Social Care                  JMcA/MA

· Cross-border training, treatment             JMcA

· Mental Health – community care              JMcA/RMacd

· Chronic care in the community                RMacd/JMcA




6. Next meeting



*Tea & coffee available from 1 pm: bring your own nosebags