Report by Media Contact of SHCN


Press releases have been issued prior to meetings of delegates with the Cabinet Secretary of Health and Wellbeing.

These meetings have taken place in St Andrews House, rather than Holyrood. While there are usually Press correspondents at Holyrood, this is not the case at St Andrews House and it is unfortunate that this does not enable delegates to speak directly with representatives from the media.

Following our last meeting, telephone calls were received from newspapers, but as this co-incided with the rescue of the Chilean miners, we were apparently considered to be less newsworthy.


The SHCN responded to the publication of the report by the Nuffield Trust on the ‘productivity’ of the NHS in Scotland compared to England and also on the Election of members to NHS Health Boards in the two pilot areas in Scotland. The SHCN congratulates John Winton on being elected to NHS Fife.


The Secretary of the Network produced an article for the Newsletter of The NHS Consultants Association on this topic and the Chairman of the Network, who is a member of the Council of the NHSCA, has also contributed to that Newsletter on the activities of the Network.


The Network and the NHSCA maintain a close liaison, and delegates will have received information about the concern expressed by many within the latter organisation about the content of the White Paper on the future delivery of healthcare in England.


It is probably true to say that health related issues were side lined in the run up to the General Election and since then the strength/weakness of the economy has been the focus of greater attention—not to mention the weather and a forthcoming royal wedding.


On a local basis, the Chairman has been reported on issues relating to the issue of out patient chemotherapy at Stobhill Hospital and on the quality of the construction of the new hospital which has suffered leaks during the recent winter weather.


It would be helpful if delegates would copy the media contact with any contributions to the media so that this may circulated among members of the Network


Malcolm Allan

Secretary and media contact of SHCN

8 January 2011.